ANJ Papua Soil Investigation Package

Client : PT Geo Prima

Location : Maybrat, West Papua

Field Work : November 2014 – March 2015

Project Description:

Groundcheck was appointed by PT Geo Prima to provide geotechnical investigations service in Maybrat, West Papua. The principla client for this work is PT Austindo Nusantara Jaya tbk. The site can be reach (at the time of investigation) from Sorong by land transport to teminabuan for around 3 hours drive and continue by using boat for around 8 hours to reach the site. The Geotechnical investigation were performed proposed developed two palm oil mill and one Sagu mill. The scope of work included the investigation for the proposed mill areas, access roads and jetties. 

The objective of this study is to obtain geotechnical data all the related infrastructural and mill for the large agriculture development. Two drilling rigs and one CPT frame were mobilized for this work.

A total of 33 boreholes were drilled during this investigation. These thirty three boreholes were drilled across the site of ANJ agriculture area. In addition, around 63 CPT were also performed during same period of the work. In situ testing such as SPT (standard penetration test) and UDS sampling were also performed. The geotechnical laboratory were also under Groundcheck scope at this study (performed by our partner PT GWL).            

The main challenge for this work is the difficulty access and the long distant of transporation that is required. The temporary flying camp were build during this work and were shift accordingly depend on the location of our geotechnical investigation. Another challege that we face during this work was the lack of internet (no sellural signal) for area of the work, hence the communication programme were also schedule for this work to avoid any miscommunication.

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